The Feng Shui of Gambling

The Chinese people have always been superstitious in whatever they do, and they have the ancient belief of Feng Shui for everything including, believe it or not, gambling.

Here are some common Feng Shui practices that are adhered to by Chinese gamblers, which you can try for yourself.

Red Underwear

Red Underwear

The color red has always been a symbol of good fortune and joy for the Chinese. It is believed that wearing red underwear when gambling will also give the wearer good fortune. Any type of underwear works as long as the color is red.


You don’t have to be an expert in numerology to get this one right. The numbers 3, 6, and 9 combined with the number 8 is believed to bring prosperity. Avoid the number 4 as much as possible.

No Books or Shoulder Touching

In Chinese, the word book sounds like the word lose. They always make sure that there is no one reading a book behind or in-front of them. Even mentioning that you have read a certain book during the match is considered a big no-no.

Touching the shoulder of a gambler while they are gambling is considered to be bad luck since the action is believed to tap away good luck.

Hold Off on Counting Money

Never count your money while you are within the gambling establishment. Whether it is just to check how much money you have left in your pockets or you want to know how much you already won. Hold off on counting until you get back home or in your room.

Don’t Gamble Against Pregnant Women

The Chinese believe that pregnant women carry good fortune in their tummies and there is an extra pair of eyes who see everything. You could have a pregnant woman accompany you though.

Although these gambling superstitions are mostly adhered to by the Chinese, a number of Western gamblers who believe in Feng Shui also follow them. After all, there’s no harm in following superstition if it can bring you luck, right?

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