About Me

My fascination with the casino gaming or gambling industry really started during our first family trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. There I was, wide-eyed at all the establishments that came to life in the evening. Of course, being a minor, I didn’t get to play any casino games.

This, however, changed when a couple of my college buddies decided to take a road trip to Las Vegas during one of our summer breaks. Let me tell you, it was one awesome experience.

As college students, we had to carefully take note of how much we spent since we didn’t want to go home empty-handed. I guess Lady Luck was on our side at the time since we did go home a couple hundred bucks richer.

Nowadays, aside from the once a month poker game with my college buddies, I basically stick to watching poker tournaments. In case the gambling bug hits me before the monthly poker game schedule, I turn to online casino gambling sites.

My vision in creating this blog is to have other interested individuals, like you, updated with news from the casino gambling industry. Anything and everything about casino gambling will be covered.

Join me, Jonathan Mendoza, as I make my vision come true through my blog – Color Graphic.